The power of creation at the tip of your soldering iron

From your phone to your computer, the ever-present electronics can seem daunting. Do not fear! We will show you how to juice your creative output. Motors gives it muscle, microcontrollers are the brains of the operation, but the LEDs are the final touch of bling you need … for everything!

Isolated, clean electronic space with plenty of work tables and light. Plenty of space and room for tests and wire assemble.

  • Developer boards (Raspberry Pis, Jetsons, etc.)
  • Micro controllers (ESP32, STM32, RP2040, NRF52, etc.)
  • Sensors (hobby and industrial)
  • Motors (servo, DC, stepper, etc.)
  • Debug tools (4 Channel 100Mhz oscilloscope, logic analyzers, etc.)
  • SMD (components & tools)
  • Soldering irons, hot air station
  • Bench power supplies
  • SMD desoldering station with hot plate
  • Stereo microscope for micro soldering
  • Spot welder for battery packs