Design your own furniture

Design your own furniture

Making your own furniture is not only screwing pieces of wood together.

In this workshop, you will learn the workflow to make a design, choose your options, and plan its construction.

On our first meeting, we will brainstorm a bookshelf, see if extra bells and whistles could be integrated (LED, wireless charging station, wheels, …) and do a 3D model in Sketchup (free 3D design tool).

This wiki will document the process, it will be updated as the project goes along.

First meeting (12/10/2019):

Following a brainstorming to define the general shape and use of the book shelf, a 3D model was constructed in Sketchup (see attachment). A visit in the local DIY shop (Bauhaus) allowed to price the project. Wood (outside of pine) is an expensive material. The visit allowed to rethink the project to reduce the price of the end product.

Second meeting (19/10/2019):

To get used with the tools and the construction methods, a kitchen shelf was built. A simple design was discussed, quotes taken, and the cutting tools set to make the work as easy as possible.

Third meeting (26/10/2019):

objectives: wood fine work, wood finish, integration of LED strip




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