Nerdy Girls

Nerdy Girls

Although we have some male Nerdy Girls, our focus is on showing more women that programming and building circuits can be fun. This group initially started when Nina Popovice and Clionadh Martin were running workshops to give people that are not in the robotics world a taste of what robots is about. During these workshops we found that the majority of these people were women, and we feel that the reason for this is that we were two women running the workshops. And so the Nerdy Girls workshops started at the O’Town. 

The workshops consist of using an Arduino, some sensors and actuators to make fun projects. Check below at what some of our Nerdy Girls think and look at some videos of project we have already built.

Meet some Nerdy Girls...


Programming sounds more scary than it actually is, and I joined Nerdy Girls because as a girl and with a non-technical background learning about coding is much easier in a relaxed and friendly environment, which made me so comfortable to ask weird questions, to use logic when writing a code and to control a servomotor with a joystick (one of the most joyful project’s in my case)


I joined Nerdy Girls because I wanted to learn how to program. I have a background within finance/accounting and these skills are important. Nerdy Girls is a free space, where you're free to choose what you want to learn, do it at your own pace and have fun while doing it. The environment is an open and comfortable one, you can ask whatever "stupid" questions you want and making mistakes is encouraged, so that you learn from them.


I have always been surrounded by people working with coding, software development and engineering. Even though I don’t have a tech background, I still had a huge interest within this type of industry, but always been afraid to at least give it a try. Until I joined Nerdy Girls, a cool and diversed group of girls with different backgrounds where I got rid of my fears and started to code for the first time in my life! Nerdy girls taught me that is never too late to learn something and if you have the courage and believe in yourself you can do magic/free Christmas lights for your home!

Projects and skills we learn

Controlling Servo with Joystick

LED Circle

Blinking LED

Images of fun times at the Nerdy Girls programming sessions...