3D-Workshop with the Philos

On the 4th of March we hosted and event for a group of PhD students from the local University, SDU, called the Philos. This is a network of PhD students at the Faculty of Science: “which allows PhD students to meet, debate and interact across scientific groups and departments.”. More information about this group can be found HERE, if you are interested.

The O’Town Garage had the privilege of being able to host a 3D Modelling workshop for one of their yearly events, and what fun we had! The workshop was hosted by two of our members Alina and Lio, who did a great job as stated by one of their leaders Trine:

Hi! Thank you for yesterday, I think you should definitely do more of these workshops 🙂 You guys did a really good job, it was so much fun. And Lio had some really nice stories and  experience from his PhD time to share with us 😀 Maybe we will contact you again in the future for other events 🙂!  

The workshop started with Lio giving a talk and explaining the concepts involved in 3D modelling. This was done using Sketch-up, which is 3D modelling freeware. The Philos were impressed with this 3D modelling software that they quickly came up with ideas of how to use it for presentations within their research fields.

“Open maker communities provide plenty of opportunities for people to spark new ideas and new ways of creating and thinking”

The group was then split into three teams, and each group got to practice their newly learned skills by designing their own hanging basket. Once everybody was happy with their design, they all headed over to our wood workshop to physically build their hanging baskets.

At the O’Town we have the space for large groups to come and work on different projects, and the Philos got to experience this for themselves. Everyone got to move around and work on either the design, learning or building phase of their 3D Modelling workshop.
It was a unique experience for both the SDU students and for the OTG to host a more advanced workshop, with both digital and practical involvement.

If this is something that interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us for details: info@theotowngarage.com