The O’Town at ESL 2019

In December The O’Town had a stand at the ESL Exhibition. We were able to host different events, over the course of two days, engaging with members of the public and giving them a taste of what happens at a makerspace. We hosted both the NerdyGirls workshops and a Line Following competition.

NerdyGirls Workshops

The name of the workshops is NerdyGirls because we think it is important to get more girls and women into the tech scene, but a lot of our participant are also boys and men. On the day we brought laptops, Arduinos and a bunch of different sensors and led lights.

We were open to all levels of skills, and we showed people how easy it can be to start learning basic programming and circuit building skills. We had a lot of random people coming up and giving it a go.

Line Following Competition

From our experience there are a lot of people who would like an opportunity to learn how to program but need a goal to work towards, so we decided to host a line following competition at the ESL exhibition. Hosting the competition at this event had another benefit, we could show people how much fun you can have by playing around with tech.

We had a total of 5 contestant, with four different tracks. Everybody build their own robot, so they were good at different things. Some on the speed tests, while others were better at following tight corners. This made the whole thing a lot of fun, because the competition was quite even across the board.

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