12 Week Startup Workshop

12 Week Startup Workshop

The workshops are free, but we are looking to increase our members, so priority will be given to members. Please see our membership area, for further details. 

Workshop limited to 8 people.

Start Date

Monday the 6th of July from 7 to 9pm

And every week after that, for 12 weeks.

Multiple requests from members and non-members of the O’Town Garage have requested for us to host workshops on the steps required to start your own company. While none of us are experts, some of us have a little experience with it. We are starting these workshops to offer a supportive environment, where people can brainstorm their business idea (it can be a made up business) and go through the different steps required to get your idea to the next level. This will be a sharing and easy going environment, and you will most likely not have a fully fledged startup at the end, but you will have a starting point to push it as far as your motivation allows

12 Week Workshop

Week 1-3: What’s your market?

  • Week 1: Value Proposition
  • Week 2: Go-to-market startegy
  • Week 3: Business Model

Week 4-6: Funding

  • Week 4: Funding possibilities
    • Government 
    • Soft funding
  • Week 5: Investors
    • What type of investor should you go for?
  • Week 6: Wrting funding applications

Week 6-7: Pitching

  • What information should you put in a pitch
  • Pitch infront of some acting investors

Week 8-9: Networking & Prospecting

  • Week 8: Where and how do I network?
  • Week 9: How to ask the right questions and make the right connections?

Week 10-12: Misc

  • Week 10: Importance of a team and getting on the right page
  • Week 11: Accounting & organisation
  • Week 12: Final pitch & networking with beers

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