Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is simple:

“We want  to provide the space and a community where people can come and create projects in areas including: Robotics, Woodwork, Design, Development, Sewing among many others.”

We can do this, because:

When it comes to tools, this is be the place to be. When it comes to creativity, this is the place to be. When it comes to learning, this is the place to be. When is comes to people…. this is the place to be!

Our Focus


“When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

Electronics & Programming

“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.”


"The beautiful thing about learning is taht no-one can take it away from you."

The Team That Makes Things Happen


Mr Woodwork: At the OTG since its opening, I helped building up the furniture of the space. I am organising and teaching the wood workshop. I also teach 3D modelling and 3D printing.

“Learning by doing is my philosophy. “


I help in the book keeping.

“I love being here because it emphasizes hands on discovery in a growing automated world while working together and and also helps in collaboration and creativity”


Art Direction: go-to person regarding setting up new alternative workshops.

“I love OTG because it both a place that i can use alot of space to create big things, and also because it is a evolving fun community and place that interesting new people from afar visit to inspire me greatly.”


I make sure to communicate about all the awesome things happening at the space, get my hands dirty when needed and continuously browse for funding opportunities.

“I am a fan of OTG because it is a place where the most unique combinations of people, ideas and tools happen”


I am responsible for some of the daily operations such as meeting planning and manned opening hours.

“I really like the place for three reasons: It gives me space to work on projects I could not work on in my apartment. It gives me a community with other curious people to learn from. And it gives me access to tools that would otherwise be inaccessible (too expensive or big). This is my adult version of Kinder Surprise (not a sponsor).”


I would consider myself the glue at the space.

“I really like the energy the place has and the many random leraning experiences”


Electronics, software and reverse engineering enthusiast.

“I enjoy helping next generation of engineers to develop. Future is about sharing experiences and getting inspiration in places like this.”


Just another guy who loves wood and collectives.
I’m new to OTG but an old soul with a lot to learn and some to t each. I´m the lead on restructuring the workshop to make room for more machines and will be helping out in other areas as well.

“ To me OTG is the perfect middle ground between DIY and running a business.
And a great place to bring my skills up-to-date ”

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